Saturday, March 15, 2008

Who's this guy?!

Hyde Park London to Hyde Park Cincinnati! My wife and I just left a wonderful five year stay in London. We had an amazing time and most importantly, we had some excellent meals. I am a total amateur foodie, but I think that is what a foodie is. I love food, eating out, and sharing dinner and drinks with friends. I am writing this blog because I am a passionate consumer of food, beer and wine, and the venues that bring them to me. I like to cook, but I am no chef. I like to eat out, but I am not a snob. I will share with you my down-to-earth opinion of my dining experiences, because I feel like it. Maybe you will read, but probably you won't. There are people who get paid for this, people who are trained for this, people who make their career writing reviews, and that is not me.

Who am I as an eater? Am I like you? I am a bit of an over eater, majorly indulgent. I love a good meal. I enjoy a good burger, a thick ribeye steak (medium rare), a hearty burrito with extra spice, a fiery indian curry, a sweet thai curry, an oozing chocolate fondant, and most importantly, sharing it all with friends. I love Cincinnati chili. Bring on the Skyline! I'll take a jumbo 4 way (onions), and a couple of cheese coneys (mustard and onions) because they are too small to pass up. I can also appreciate the finer and more delicate cuisine, but I always veer towards the hearty and heavy even when at a classy place.

And I love drinks as much as food. I love a nice cold beer on a hot day, or a cold day, or a Spring day. I am spoiled by 5 years in London's vibrant pub culture where the imperial pint was born. If a restaurant or bar doesn't sell beer by the glass, forget it. I also love a hearty red wine in a proper big glass. What types, grapes, regions? I don't know, I like to try them all. I also love a good scotch, but rarely feel special enough to treat myself to one.

I am also sensitive to value. I have spent enormous sums on dinners out in London, and felt that every penny was worth it (Notting Hill Brasserie can't be beat), but I hate walking out of a restaurant and feeling like the price was too high for the dining experience.

So, I guess this blog is more for my enjoyment than anything else, but if you are reading it, I hope you enjoy!

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