Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I love my Mio's!  Have you tried this place?  Mio's in Oakley?  Looks like a bit of a dive, tiny dining room up front, but the pizza is some of the best I have tried.  It is really hard these days to find a good local pizza place that is not a chain.  I love the multitude of local italian pizza places in New Jersey and Philadelphia, and didn't expect to find something to satiate my appetite for that greasy thin crust authentic pizza, but Mio's does it.  In fact, Mio's has a leg up.

We actually tried Mio's a long time ago and were not that impressed.  We knew we didn't give it a fair shot, my wife ordered pasta and I had a small pizza, but we weren't planning on giving it another try.  But over an over, people kept saying they loved it.  So we gave it another shot.  We ordered the Pizza Blanca, one of their specialty pizzas with sesame crust and it was terrific.  High quality, gourmet, and really interesting with the sesame crust.  We got hooked, and kept coming back for the Blanca.  

Well, we branched out recently, upon the recommendation from the man behind the counter and went for the Alfredo pizza.  Decadent.  Essentially, it is the blanca (which has no sauce) with a cream sauce.  Wow.  Greasy, rich, and delicious.  We are really hooked and seem to be ordering it every week.  

It is a bit pricey, with a large specialty pizza running a steep $17.99, but it is worth it.  They often have specials on their regular cheese pizzas, but don't get sucked in by the deal, go for one of the sesame crust pizzas, you won't regret it.  

I hope I can forego the Pizza Alfredo one day so I can try the rest of the menu.  But right now, I can't bring myself to bypass this delicious, original concoction.    Enjoy, here's the link: www.miospizza.com

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David said...

Sounds tasty. But quit belly aching over 18 dollar pizzas. You don't know how good you got it.