Monday, March 15, 2010

The Rookwood Disappointment

The Rookwood... oh, the Rookwood. The first time I went out to dinner at The Rookwood over a year ago, I was tremendously disappointed. This is one of the most historic sites in Cincinnati, a beautiful space with amazing giant kilns where Rookwood Pottery became famous. But you know what they have done with those historic kilns? They have painted the inside of them with glittery silver paint, and have hung flat screen TVs in all of them. Tragic really.

I think I had the burger and was a bit underwhelmed. I just couldn't get over the fact that this historic site with so much potential for fine dining, had been turned into a cheesy place that felt a bit like a confused sports bar.

After a recent glowing review in Cincinnati Magazine, and the promise of a new chef, I gave it another try. As I walked in I crossed my fingers hoping that the atmosphere had been brought back to its historic roots. Oh, The Rookwood disappointed me again. The decor was still the same, the kilns dressed up in millennium glitz with flat screen TVs still prominently hanging in each one. I had the pork belly sandwich. it was gluttonous and the richest sandwich I have ever eaten in my life. Porkbelly and bacon... it even made me feel bad about eating it, which is hard to do.

Until this place gets some new management that want to return it to its historic glory, don't waste your time.

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Anonymous said...

You honestly have no clue what you're talking about... I eat lunch at The Rookwood AT LEAST twice a week and it's great EVERY TIME. They have an amazing staff and they've only made it better with what they've done with the interior INCLUDING the kilns...

PS. a grammar check might help with your critics because it's obvious your your taste for food and interior design won't.

Allison said...

To Anonymous, everyone's entitled to their opinion so thanks for leaving one, although perhaps you should double check your grammar as well next time ("your your taste".) No need to get snippy :)

Anonymous said...

No need to get snippy. But let me correct someone's grammar?

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