Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mr. Sushi

Half price Sushi! We timed our visit perfectly (right at 10:30pm when the prices cut in half) and I was hungering for a boatload of raw fish and rice.

Late last Friday night after a Reds game and some wine tasting on Fountain Square, we hit up Mr. Sushi on 6th and Vine.  After 10:30pm, the sushi is half price and we strolled in looking for a great deal on some great sushi.  The menu was inventive and extensive.  Everything from the basics and classics to the most ornate.  We ordered:
- Scallop nigiri
- Tuna roll
- Spider roll
- Fire cracker roll
- Citrus salmon roll
- A yellow tail roll
-  And a fancy tuna and avocado roll

I was very impressed by the quality of the fish.  It is hard to find a good raw scallop, and this one was as good as I have ever had.  It just melted in my mouth.  The rolls were all very good.  Great quality fish, great balance of flavors and ingredients, and great presentation.  The spider roll was a bit sparse, and this yellow tail roll we had was a bit overspiced (a bit floral actually), but otherwise I was very impressed with the food.

The service was only ok.  It was a bit slow and could certainly have been improved.  The location is fantastic.  Right in the heart of all that is happening downtown.  The atmosphere was nice, but a bit on the casual side for a sushi place.  Not overly fancy, but who cares.

With the half price deal the wallet damage was minimal.  It is not cheap at full price.  Expect to pay between $10 and $12 for the nice rolls (at full price).

Definitely worth a visit if you are a sushi lover and hang out downtown.  Try to hit it after 10:3030 for the great deal.

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