Sunday, April 18, 2010


Cornhole at a bar, I had to check it out.  Unfortunately, that is about all that this place has going for it.  Basically, Mulligan's is a giant space that is mainly a sports bar.  The cornhole is in a covered outdoor area that is also huge.  Mulligan's is cheap looking inside and feels like it was a popular college hangout 10-15 years ago.  I am actually surprised it is in business considering I was there on a Saturday night and the place had about 30 people in it.  It was almost all guys, and was not a very lively scene.  The corn hole was fun, and they also have pool tables, but otherwise, this place is totally skip-able.  They have decent draft beer selection with Stone, Great Lakes, Rogue, Bell's, Sierra Nevada, Red Hook, and other interesting beers to compliment the full domestic selection.  But in a boring, outdated, un-inspiring sports bar setting, even the best beer list couldn't help.  Unless you really feel like playing cornhole at a bar, I would not recommend this place.

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