Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nada, Nada, Nada...

Who doesn't like Nada?  Right in the heart of the downtown Cincinnati nightlife, a night out that begins with or includes Nada is most likely to be a pretty fun night.  How can you argue with top notch margaritas, Caipirhinas, and other fine tropical cocktails?  And then guacamole and chips, everyone loves those.  This place is always crowded and reservations are pretty important if you plan to go on a Friday or Saturday night (last Friday night at 8pm, I heard the hostess tell a party of 2 that they would wait for an hour and 45 minutes!).

I have been to Nada several times and as mentioned, always have a good time.  As far as the food goes, the appetizers are excellent.  The guacamole has massive chunks of avocado in it, and you know it is very fresh.  The chips are fried to order and are deliciously greasy and salty.  Their sliders are delicious and the mac and cheese is wonderful.  I am not really sure how sliders and mac and cheese fit into the mexican theme, but they are satisfying the tastebuds of their diners.

When it comes to the main courses, they are good, but not great.  It is hard to be bad in the mexican food arena, so I am not giving them a ton of credit for being good.  They have nice selection of gourmet tacos, some main meat entrees, and cazuelas (iron pots with sort of mexican style curry).  I have had the tacos on numerous occasions and have sampled all of the cazuelas.  The tacos just fall a bit short for me.  The tortillas aren't that great, and the combinations don't seem to taste as good as their descriptions.  The iron pots are good, but a little on the sweet side and seeming to lack some texture in the dishes.  Prices are reasonable but on the high side (taco plates from $12-$16, and cazuelas from $19 to $26).

The service can be a tad bit slow.

Overall, this is a great place to start a night out in downtown Cincinnati.  The theme is fun, it is always crowded, and the drinks will kick start any night.  It is right in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, so plenty of fun spots to go before and after.  Just don't expect the that the food is going to wow you.

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