Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vacancies in Oakley and Hyde Park Squares

Can anyone tell me what is going on with all the vacant restaurant and shop space in Oakley and Hyde Park Squares?

Oakley has had the Kona Bistro spot vacant for at least a year, Oakley Cycles just moved out, the Arby's is out of business ... At least the square is under renovation which will hopefully help revive it and
fill the vacant space.

But the same seems to be happening to Hyde Park Square. Vineyard Cafe, a prime corner location with outdoor seating went out of business a couple months ago. The overpriced Red steakhouse just closed it's doors, and it looks like the English Traditions antiques store is moving soon. Oh, and of course the Persian rug store perpetually says it is having a closing/clearance sale. Maybe this time they are actually telling the truth.

Can anyone help explain what is going on?

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